Nimco Adan Hurre: A voice for peace and women’s rights

Nimco Adan Hurre, popularly known as Nimco Gabaydo, was born in 1969 in central Somaliland. In 1991 she started composing literature, singing songs about peace, and writing poems about how to reconcile communities and address the challenges faced by Somali women.

A close reading of Peace Is Your Home

Somali poets have always played an important role in bringing peace and ending conflict through their literary talents. At different times, they have composed poems about conflict in different areas, calling people to come together in peace using all kinds of songs, poems and other kinds of literature.

Meet the 2021 Home of Somali Poetry Poet of the Year

Ever since he was a child, Mursal has followed poetry to achieve insight and inspire others. At a tender age, Mursal Dahir loved poems, music, and literature. He would often listen to respected poets and elders. Unlike other children of his age, he developed a habit of talking to older people, attracted by their wise words and knowledge.

A young village poet dreams of the capital

Abdirizak Bashir Ahmed known as “Hogol Caafi” started reciting poems when he was only seven years old. It all started one day when he argued with his parents over going to Hargeisa city. “My family lived in a small village near Ceerigaabo in the Sanaag region but I wanted to move to the capital, Hargeisa,” he told us in a recent interview. “They refused to let me travel and I was so upset that I responded with a poem."

Somali poetry in the digital age

“Whenever I had fights with other students in school, or even when we joked with each other, they never missed the opportunity to bring up Somalia in a negative way,” poet Zahra Abdihagi recalls the stereotypes she lived with growing up in Canada.