Ahmed Farah Idaajaa


Ahmed Farah Ali, known as Idaajaa, is one of the most revered Somali literary scholars today. Born in the Mudug region in 1948, Idaajaa’s career is dedicated to the collection and publication of Somali oral poetry. One of his greatest achievements was his collecting of the poems of the great 19th century poet and Dervish general, Ismail Mire Elmi, the collection of which was published in 1974. After fleeing the civil war in the early 1990s, Idaajaa continued his writing and contributions to written Somali folklore whilst in Europe. He presented the famous arts and literature radio show, “Fanka & Suugaanta”, on the BBC Somali service. He currently hosts a weekly radio programme called “Hiddaha & Dhaqanka” (Culture & Heritage) on the VOA Somali service.

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