Abdirizak Bashir Ahmed


Abdirizak Bashir Ahmed, known as “Hogol Caafi”, started reciting poems when he was only seven years old. Later his family moved to Hadaaftimo town where Abdirizak attended school. Here he studied Somali literature and got to know the works of major poets, adding knowledge to the natural ability he’d already demonstrated as a child.

Like many Somali poets, his poems are mainly based on reactions to events and issues that touch his heart. Abdirizak has been actively involved in community awareness campaigns in Somalia and has performed in major towns including Kismayo, Mogadishu, Bosaso, Hargiesa and Galka’ayo.

He moved to Turkey in 2019 and continues to use his poetry and influence to promote Somali culture and address social issues. In March, he was appointed as the head of culture and literature for the Somali Diaspora Community in Turkey.

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